Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hello, it's me

What's up, "Business Peeps"? It's been a while since I have posted. Needless to say things have been pretty hectic. Now that I know that you are all still interested in reading "The Soapbox", I'll start writing again.

I’ve been listening to John Legend’s version of “Hello, it’s me”, a cover of an original song by Todd Rundgren. The song was originally recorded in the 70’s. Even then, I loved the song. Mr. Legend’s version is just incredible. It’s been a long time since I “fell in love” with a song and this song is my current flame! As I’ve written before, music can evoke an emotion, memory or mood. This song reminds me of when I was in love for the first time with a girl named Kelly. We were together for about 8 months and then she moved out of state. I was totally depressed for about a month or so. Her best friend Gina (the one I mentioned in an earlier blog) started calling me soon thereafter, and we started dating. And, as fate would have it, Kelly moved back to California to a nearby town. I didn’t know she had moved back, and Gina and I ran into Kelly. Apparently Kelly still loved me. A look of slow realization darkened her face. She immediately teared-up and walked away. Devastation, once again. I realized that I still had feelings for her, too. It was also apparent to Gina. I now had two girls mad at me! I tried to call Gina after that, but she wouldn’t take my calls. I tried to call Kelly and, you guessed it: she wouldn’t talk to me, either. A few weeks later, school started and I would run into Gina in the band room or cafeteria. She was nice, but basically wouldn’t give me the time of day.

I started immersing myself in music and pretty soon, I found that I was over both of them. As fate would have it (again, with the fate!) Kelly called me, out of the blue. She said, “Hello, it’s me”. I smiled to myself and the song started running through my head. She said that she had been thinking about me and missed me. She wanted to know if I would come and see her. Of course, I immediately jumped at the chance! We started dating again after that, but it wasn’t the same. It lasted a couple of months and it just kind of ended by itself. I think that we were both in love with the idea of what we had before. Therefore, there were no hard feelings or accusations at the end. We kissed and hugged one last time. I’ve only seen her once since then. It was about 10 years ago. I was married to my first wife and had two small boys. We smiled that smile at each other that silently says, “Remember when?”. My wife was oblivious to that fact and I went away remembering again for the first time in years, that first love.

It’s amazing how a song can prompt one to relive the past, over and over again. When I hear “Hello, it’s me” now, I don’t ache the way I used to. I don’t ache at all, actually. But, just for a moment, it gets a little cloudy in my soul.
What song does that for you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for writting again. nice blog. i was wondering what the dress code was? I thought that for business students, we were only allowed to wear black shoes and black or khaki pants. But it seems that everyone can wear any color of pants that are dark. When i enrolled to this school, i was told that i could only wear black or khaki pants and black shoes. I am woundering if this has changed, because i don't think that it is fair for anyone to wear any color of dark pants, and that wear any color of shoes. I remember that i got in trouble for wearing another color of shoes that was not black, and i see that everyone else gets away with it. I just think that the uniform was for a reason to follow it and not to make acceptions.

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hey mr judd thanks for writing again i have been checking into your blog since i graduated but no new ones till now.
maria ramirez an old student

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One Evening in October 2004 I was driving from my boyfriend home. We had a big argument. In my mind I was undecided of what to do. I was feeling confused. One half of me wanted to stay and hated to start something new, the other half was saying let go. That’s when that song by Usher came on, “Let it Burn.” The song was similar to what I was feeling. It is funny how some songs can relate to how my day it turning out to be. Now I hear that song on the radio and take it like a lesson in my life. Now I look back on the day and hear the song again. I can apply the song to real life because my heart burns when I am with him and it burns without him.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I feel that. There are many songs that do that for me. I remember 112's "Anywhere." That reminds me of my first love. Her name was Krystal, and she is the only person that I've met that had yellow colored eyes. I was about seventeen, ahh the days of summer, the 99 cent gallons of gas and a world is at my fingertips mentality.
I see music as window to my life. Many songs bring back memories of days gone by. I wasn't much of a stickler for television, so my weekends we're usualy kicked off with a trip to what was then the Wherehouse, or out to Tower Records. If I had a soundtrack to my life, it would have to include R. Kelly, Tupac, Nas, Biggie, Jaheim, Master P and the No-limit crew, and of course classics such as Slick Rick and Sugarhill gang. Many days when I sit at home now, I put on these old albums when doing housework, or mundane chores, so that I can take my mind off the menial, and let it wander through the past. My family was never big on pictures so I think that the covers of Nirvana, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are just as good framed.
Oh yeah, I can't forget Rosie, Veronica and Sisqo's Thong Song. If you yada dat I'm saying! RIP Mac Dre
Chris Christopherson

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Wow...Mr. lovey dovey....hahaha...j/k...but I'm so sure that every human being on this earth has a song or two that reminds them of that great special someone...ofcourse I've had mines also...and the song for me would be an older not so listened to song by the band...QUEEN...the song is called "ONE YEAR OF LOVE"'s not the song itself that prompts that emotional feeling its the lyrics and the person whom I listened to the song with...not only that I liked that song just because alot of people that I know haven't heard of the song so it makes it even more special....hey when you get the chance you should listen to it...thats if you haven't heard it yet....the lyrics are simple and the music is great.....till next time....


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