Monday, September 25, 2006

All things considered...

Wow, some of you had really interesting things to say. I appreciate your willingness to share your point of view. Thanks for the questions. Here are some answers.
1. Why are women in music videos objectified (paraphrased). Answer? It's very simple. Remember your marketing classes? Sex sells. Sad, but true.
2. Why weren't we able to survey all of our classes last session? I received a memo in my box yesterday that said the survey computer server is completely overwhelmed. So, the Corporate office decided to pick at random several classes and delete them from the survey. By the "luck of the draw" your other class we eliminated. Sorry!

I was watching COPS on TV last night. It occured to me that we American's love our "dirty laundry". We love to watch other people get arrested, crash their cars, and get chased by out of shape policeman. I'm of the mind that these shows, though immensly entertaining, eat away at our feelings of security and overall safety issues. We look at these people and say to ourselves, "What a bunch of crackheads!" And they are! However, we start to look at the world around us and see paranoia gripping us as the media tells us the world just isn't safe anymore. There are rapists and serial killers and gang-bangers around every corner to rape and kill and rob us. An interesting fact is that teen crime is down 25% from ten years ago. Why doesn't the media tell us that? It doesn't sell newspapers or good ratings for the 11 o'clock news. There is a book by Barry Glassner called The Culture of Fear. In it, Mr. Glassner shows how the media is scaring us silly by shoving bad news and fear down our throats. It's a morbid fascination that we have, here in America, for more and more bad news and fear. Terrorism! Gangs! Teen violence! Drugs! Moral decay! Whoo Hoo! We love our controversy. What have you watched on TV in the last week that made you pause? Why? Click on the book title to visit his website. It's pretty eye-opening!
All the world's indeed a stage, we are merely players. Performers and portrayers. Each another's audience inside the guilded cage.


Blogger virgie said...

I think the story is true. This is a interest story but it is true. We would like to see others person get pushed and get arrested. I like when the cops say you are Busted. I like when a fat cop is running to a chase and he cannot run fast because he was eating a donut and having a cup of coffie. Chasing a car and then the person jumping out of a moving vechile. I think there are crazy to do that. When the person runs and throw the drugs that they have in their hands and then they say they didn't do it. I enjoy the story.

1:21 PM  
Blogger _Dubz_ said...

I can totally identify with your fascination about watching television shows where good ol' American citizens crash cars and run from the police. I can be flipping through every channel, and nothing but the worlds wildest police chases intrests me. Watching people run away from the ghetto bird, and the police is just the most entertaining spectacle because you know there gonna get caught. It just the thought of how it's going to end that keeps you on the edge of you seat. Crime, violence, and sexual content is always viewable because of the excitment and uncertainty of how it will all end.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Hector Castruita said...

Hey Mr. Judd

I am writing about the first article on the blog. It was about the way America likes to see other people get caught on tape. Our society is caught up in a type of voyerism where every body wants to see what everybody else is doing. It's an excuse to gossip and talk about what other people are doing in society. We all like to see the filth unlees it is about us. Even the networks premiers are all about reality shows based on what other people are doing and how they live. Thats basically all I remember about the article.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Edgar Tamayo aka. "DA BOY PEPPER" said...

T.V. shows just love showing crime in action. Television shows such as CSI: Miami, Law and Order,and COPS show crimes being committed because the audience just loves when the bad guys get caught. In relation to the the news we see everyday, I do beieve people do get tired of watching so many negative stuff. Everyday when I turn on the tlevision to watch the news, all the top stories are negative. Instead of showing a gang-related shooting as a top story, news media should show more positive news to open up the news broadcast. An example would be how yesterday the entire city of New Orleans reunited to welcome back their New Orleans Saints back home to the Superdome. In watching the news, that was only a smalll section in the sports portion of the boradcast. I believe people have become numb from so much negative news that when we see things such as shootings and murders, we do not think of it much.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Mckenzie said...

I feel as American sthat you are right we love other peoples "dirty laundry", we look at the killers on the T.V and we think oh, I'am not so bad. We dwel off of the mistakes others make to make ourselves feel better. We as Americans fear what we dont know and also fear what we as children were tought. Our parents tought us what is right and what is wrong form a very young age, and if we propetually fear what has been beatin in our heads we will naturaly fear what we as children dont know ar have been told that it is bad to steeal of bad to speed.We are products of our enviornment. If we are told things over and over agine, its almost like what Hitler did, speaking of the Nazi Porpeganda and how he had the power of words and turned it into pure power over the German people.

1:28 PM  

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