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He who carries the biggest stick makes the rules...

I watched an animated movie called the “The Iron Giant” on Wednesday night. It deals with, on the surface, the relationship between a boy and a giant alien robot. It seems very cute and entertaining. But, the sinister underlying tone is war and those that covet it are vane, power-hungry megalomaniacs. I also watched a video on YouTube recently that was submitted by a Rush fan for their video “Force 10”. It shows Japan after WWII and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atom Bombings. I have never witnessed devastation on that level. It depicts piles of dead and children with radiation poisoning that are appalling and revolting beyond belief. It is a fact that the Japanese were ready to surrender because they had no more soldiers. The Japanese were training young boys and old men to take off and fly planes; but not to land them. This was so they could "Kamakazi" or suicide bomb carriers and destroyer ships. They were desperate for victory but it was not in the cards. The Nazi’s, Italians and Japanese (The Axis of Evil) had already lost on all fronts, yet we chose to make our attacks more and more aggressive. We had to win; no matter what the cost or what we had to do.
I never looked at war with more than a passing fascination. I have always been on the non-committal side of war because I didn’t know all the facts. When you know the facts it will completely open your eyes and help you to see 20/20, if you will. I have said for more than the last few months that the war we are fighting in the Middle-East is an obvious front for greed and corruption. I know that these sound like really strong words but I have never had more conviction about anything in my life. I witnessed a close family friend brought home in a casket. She was literally blown to fractions by an “IED”. We call them landmines or RPG’s – rocket propelled grenades. Why does our government choose to use these vague descriptions and anagrams as descriptions of these events? Because, if the government and media don’t call them bombs we may not understand or miss the meaning of what has really happened. The bottom line is that people are dying for a war that is about greed and oil. "System of a Down" recently released a song that says, “Why is it that when we wage a war/why do we always send the poor?”. How sad and absolutely true. They have nothing to lose; they have nothing to go home to so they enlist hoping for the government to fulfill a promise of a college education and a pension. This is not so. If you are wounded in battle or can’t complete your duties for whatever reason, your pension is prorated. In other words, they give you $10,000 up front. If you don’t complete your duties, they take money back based on how much time you actually served. How wrong is that?
So, don’t be deceived. This war is about greed; it is about oil. Have we found WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction)? Have we found Anthrax or Mustard Gas? In a word…NO. We have to make a difference. Become educated about the facts. Know what your chosen party is about and what they support. I have changed my thinking in the last couple of years; I have become educated. I have opened my eyes, thinking and heart to the truth. I don’t think that I’ve become a bleeding-heart, but I do believe that I don’t want my children to go to war because of our government’s lust for oil. What do you think?


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Karen S.
I think the war that is going is just like you said greed and oil. I know a young adult about in his twenties that got wounded over in Irag and is back East someone being retrained to come home to his family. They are very young that are dying over there. I seen in last week Chowchilla News that another one died fighting for our country that hits home only twenty-three, which I know both of his sisters and his mom. Very sad to see this happen, but it is all the governments doing. I have a cousin he was oversees to. He is home now, which he has some mental issues now from what he has seen. It is not worth it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

War what a topic. War has been away that many families judge their own young men,because when war is around then heros are born, but is left out is that usually hero's come back in body bags and toa world that forgets them because of all the other heros that are coming back with them.
I just seen a military combat soldier that was injured in Irac, that was disabled because of his injuries and he stated that the government sent him a letter stating that he needed to repay the government almost all of that money that they promised him for reinlisting.
The soldier stated thatbecause he was injured in combat and that he did not serve his full time of three years then he needed to pay the government back.
War is a way that the government can weed out those people that are of the lower class by providing a sick way of eliminating those people from the other side of the tracks, but nontheless we just lower our heads and take it up the rear and take what comes our way. For me I hate war and I have lost my share of family and friends from these so called wars that politicians think that might need some sacrifices,like young peoples lives and the hardship of their family members. Mr. judd has a history of music and one song from the past states "War what is it good for--absolutely nothin" and thats that.

Peace Out.........

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I think that it was Teddy Roosevelt that stated that. Or maybe I have it confused with "speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far."
I heard someone recently say, "How can we trust trust, when the leaders are hush hush?" It is true and anyone with half a brain can understand that we have soliders tearing up a bunch of s*** for greed. Why would Bush need an exit strategy if he doesn't plan on exiting? And, the media is bringing it to our attention that the government is taking pensions and benefits from wounded soldiers! How do you do that?
Go forth, fight for your country! For free, and lose a limb, for free, then pay back the government that sent you out there. It has to stop, and soon. Too bad we couldn't impeach Bush on just being an idiot, but unfortunately, there are no laws on being greedy or ignorant. I have an idea, let's ammend the Constitution to say that politicians are not allowed to be greedy. Like that would ever happen. All that we can really do is pray that things subside, and educate our children to not fall for the enticing picture that recruiters paint. Flying planes and shooting guns are great things, but not for somebody that believes your life is expendable.
Who really is the Kamikaze? Think about that.

Chris Christopherson

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

War has been a very bad thing that has happened to the less fortunate people of this country. What people am I talking about, well people of colorand those poor people will go off to war and make a name for themselves by going off to the war to be a hero.
Is it chemical war heads, poison gas or oil that is the reason that this so called war is taking place in Iraq. I believe this is a police action and the same thing that happened in Southeast Asia.
I guess that the whole thing has and is a father and son thing that has cost our nation billions of dollar, but most of all it has cost us American lives and thats the bottom line.

Peace Out...........

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