Friday, September 22, 2006

All the world's indeed a stage...

It occurs to me that I should talk about one of my inspirations. I've always been a fan of music and subsequently, a musician. Rush is one of my favorite bands. The reason I play drums today is because of Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush. Not only is he an accomplished, award-winning drummer, he also writes all the band's lyrics. I'm posting a link to his personal website and I encourage you to poke around there a little bit. He has a journal or blog, if you will, that he updates from time to time. He is a fantastic writer and captures the feel and nuance of his experiences. He is an accomplished cross-country bicyclist and has toured Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. He has written a few books about his assorted bicycle shenanigans as well. I highly recommend them. Here's the link: I think you will enjoy it. So, please feel free to comment on what you find there. Peace.


Blogger _Dubz_ said...

I also was a drummer, inspired by my father to follow music as a way to escape the hectic scenarios that life sometimes brings you. Neil Peart seems like the kind of person that can survive anything and everything. Reading just a little I found that he lost his daughter at the age of 19, then ten months later lost his wife to cancer. This showed me that aside from being an amazing drummer, he had the strength and courage to overcome these tragic situations. Music can bring a person to their knees, or revive them for another day. Neil has shown his emotion through his sticks and inspired many people from different walks of life.

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Blogger Maria Ramirez said...

It was very interesting to read the little bit of information that it had on the book ghost rider by niel pert. If I had the money and the resources I would enjoy reading that book. Like the title of this blog is "All the world's indeed a stage..." I truely do believe that the worlds a stage that we occupy. Regardless if your on a stage performing or if your just going through life your always expected to do or accomplish something. Everyone always tends to judge you at whatever you do in life, school, or work. So your always performing because theres someone who always expects something from you.

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